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Hardwood, Mattress, Tile & Grout Upholstery Cleaning in Chestermere, High River, Airdrie, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Cochrane Alberta

Oxygenie offers professional carpet cleaning services for both households and commercial businesses in the Calgary and surrounding area. We believe in utilizing natural cleaning methods to lessen our environmental impact, minimizing risk to humans and pets, as well as providing objectively better results over more traditional cleaning methods. The main service we offer is carpet and upholstery cleaning, but we also provide wool carpets, mattress, tile, and wool area rug cleaning services.

Our list of services:

  • Carpet Cleaning Calgary
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Pet Stain - Pet Odor Removal
  • Residential - Commercial Cleaning
  • Urine Stain Removal Tips
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Floor Waxing & Stripping
  • Upholstery Cleaning Calgary
  • Mattress Cleaning Calgary

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Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary


Carpets are such an integral part of our homes, covering plenty of our floors, providing our houses with a sort of 'warmth.' With the great amount of usage that they receive, they also attract copious amount of dirt and grime. This is where Oxy-Genie can help. We provide carpet cleaning services that help keep your carpets looking their finest, as well as breathing new life into an aging carpet. We use all natural cleaners, minimizing our effect on humans or pets, as well as ensuring the best results.

Our method of choice is Hot Water Extraction (HWE) also known as steam cleaning. We believe this method produces the best results, as we are able to lift dirt and grime that has embedded itself deep into your carpets. We also utilize powerful truck-mounted systems. These allow us to use higher temperature water at higher pressure, dissolving and blasting away dirt that has become embedded deep in your carpets. The powerful vacuums provided by truck-mounts not only help in lifting more dirt, but also reduce dry times as less water is left behind, in contrast with traditional portable machines.

Calgary Mattress Cleaning Services

Getting a good night rest is such an important part of our lives. Without a good night's sleep, it can be difficult to complete important tasks during the day. Our mattresses are an important factor in our quality of sleep. Mattresses are porous, and tend to trap airborne particles suspended in the air such as pollen, as well as soak up bodily fluids such like sweat. too much of this in our mattresses can affect our quality of sleep, even more so if you have allergies. This is why it is important to clean our mattress regularly. Our all natural cleaners are ensure your mattress will be clean and sanitary, without causing harm to humans or pets. Our steam cleaning method is very effective in eliminating and sanitizing any stains that occur on mattresses. You can rest assured, with us, your mattress is in good hands.

Professionl Upholstery Cleaning Servics in Calgary Aberta

Image Upholstery is some of the most common furniture can be found in homes. The mainstay of living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms, upholstery not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but a functional one as well. Because of this, it is of this, it is important to keep such furniture looking its best. Oxygenie Calgary upholstery cleaning servics is well equipped for cleaning various types of upholstery such as suede, velvet, corduroy, wool, as well as pieces upholstered with various types of cotton or polyester blends. We only use only use natural cleaning products, and treat your upholstery with the utmost care, as many pieces can be quite delicate. Oxygenie also has many products that to treat odours that occur with upholstery, including pet odours. Whatever your upholstery cleaning needs are, we at Oxygenie are well equipped to handle them.

Area Rugs and Mats

Area rugs and mats can be beautiful pieces, and as such, we want to keep them clean. Unfortunately, area rugs are often subject to spills, stains, and heavy usage, diminishing their aesthetic appeal. Oxy-genie provides area rug cleaning services to keep your rug looking their best. We have equipment capable of treating and cleaning most rugs, including wool, linen, Persian, and shags. Using a combination of all natural cleaning products, as well as our steam cleaning method, you can expect your area rug to brighten up. Oxygenie can also treat many types of stains that commonly occur with rugs, such as wine, juice or baby formula. Many times we are able to completely lift the stain, leaving the rug looking like it never happened!

Our cleaning services cover the following areas: carpet cleaning Okotoks | carpet cleaning Chestermere | carpet cleaning Cochrane | carpet cleaning Airdrie | carpet cleaning High River

Professional Leather Care

Image If you have beautiful, expensive leather furniture in your home or office, then it’s important to protect your investment and take the very best care of these furniture items. That means you need OxyGenie!

OxyGenie to the Rescue!

OxyGenie offers specialized cleaning treatments for leather, ensuring your furniture stays clean and fresh, and protecting your lovely leather furniture for many years.

Besides being beautiful items of furniture, leather furniture adds so much value and class to any room. However, unlike upholstered furniture items, leather does require extra attention in order to maintain that expensive ‘new’ appearance. Some readily-available cleaners can make the leather surface appear clean, but unfortunately they have no real cleaning power and can sometimes even damage the surface of your beautiful furniture.

At OxyGenie we entrust our highly-qualified, experienced technicians with your valuable furniture pieces. You’ll receive the very best customer service from all staff members at OxyGenie, and we know you’ll be entirely happy when you see what our trained technicians can do with your beautiful leather furniture.

OxyGenie cleaning services in Calgary can remove all tough stains and unsightly marks from your furniture. You can trust us to protect your valuable investment because we guarantee that our cleaning methods and products won’t harm the quality or natural texture of your leather furniture items.

At OxyGenie we have a proven process for removing all dirt, grime, dust and dirt, including nasty smells, from your valuable leather furniture items. Our initial inspection determines what type of cleaning is required: we then prep the furniture item by applying conditioning products which will absorb any dust, loose dirt and germs. This is followed by applying our specialized ‘green’ cleaning products to break down any stains and completely remove all other nasties from your furniture. The process is completed by our technicians massaging moisture-rich products into the leather, leaving a soft, supple feel in addition to a shiny, natural finish. You’ll be left with leather furniture pieces that smell and look fabulous!